Unlimited money cheat in Pure Farming 2018 PF2018

Unlimited money cheat in Pure Farming 2018 PF2018

Like Farming Simulator, Pure Farming allows the editing of backup files with a text editor to take a little more money . The point on the variables to modify in video.

Here are the steps to follow briefly:

Start a game in sandbox mode
Make a backup
Quit the game
With your file explorer go to this location: C: Users AppData LocalLow Techland Pure Farming 2018 Game Save
Go to the directory of the backup to edit the files “SavePF0.psav” and “AdditionalInfoPF.psav”
Open them with Notepad or any other text editor
Do a search (ctrl + F) on the value of your portfolio (default 25000) and add a few zeros to this figure
Back up your files and restart the game
You are rich as Croesus!


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